A historical painting hanging in the GBREA office.

Our company has provided dedicated property management and real estate services throughout The Hampton Roads region of Virginia since 1952.

Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes their expertise to provide clients with quality service and support.

Greenbrier Real Estate & Appraisals, Inc. is a family owned and operated Real Estate company. Our company name is derived from the once world famous Greenbrier Farms which was headquartered here in the former Norfolk County between 1911 and the late 1960s. During that period of time Greenbrier Farms grew and exported nursery stock across the United States, at one point operating the largest nursery operation in the world. Stock raised on our farm found it’s way from the East Coast, California and all the way to the tidal basin in Washington DC. For over 100 years the Thrasher family has called Hampton Roads home and while today we no longer work fields today we are still hard at work growing our community. Time tested, experienced, and dedicated, with Greenbrier our roots really do grow deep.