Our team ensures property owners can make the most of their residential and commercial investment properties.

A hand holds a cutout of a house in front of the sun.Our team can help property owners turn their investment properties into successful rental units. We help our clients set fair rental rates, manage tenant deposits and create detailed lease documents. We help reliable tenants secure their perfect rental and complete the lease process in a short period of time. We provide tenants with quality support to help the rental properties perform at their limits year round.

Greenbrier Real Estate & Appraisals is committed to offering the best services possible to our clients. A specialty of our company is light commercial and investment management. As a local company with intimate knowledge of the Hampton Roads economy, our responsive and effective team is uniquely situated to offer superior management to many of our competitors. Our fee structures are simple, our staff is professional and responsive. We offer rent projections, competitive contracting fees, a thorough application process, and our leases are custom tailored to each clients’ needs.

Greenbrier Real Estate and Appraisals specializes in the leasing and marketing of your rental property. We are connected with several local companies for maintenance and repairs and we offering advertising methods such as using local newspapers, the multiple listing service (MLS), yard signs, several online directories, and our website. The Greenbrier Real Estate and Appraisals property management team recognizes the need for superior service and quality representation.

Here is a short list of the services we offer:

  1. Determining a reasonable market rent for your rental.
    • By use of the Real Estate Information Network (REIN) as a source of similar homes for rental comparison and years of experience, we determine the most reasonable market rent for your property.
    • We can provide professional cost analysis to balance your cashflows and make managing your investments easy.
  2. Finding a suitable tenant for your property.
    • Listing your property’s availability on REIN and with NAVY housing at no charge.
    • Advertising with the Virginia-Pilot as often as you want (owner billed for this advertising).
    • Placing realty “For Rent” sign on property.
    • Showing your property to prospective tenants.
    • Screening rental applications which entails previous renting experience, verifying income, and Equifax credit check.
  3. Collecting rent and forwarding your net proceeds.
    • Preparing monthly statements and sending to you by the end of each month with your check for the net rental proceeds.
    • Collecting unpaid rents (including five day notice to vacate and court action if necessary).
  4. Taking care of property.
    • Communicating with you regarding maintenance and repair items, upcoming vacancies, rent increases, lease renewals, etc.
    • Routine inspections of the property.
    • Contracting various repair and maintenance persons as needed. (Expenses deducted from gross rents).
    • Handling emergency situations that may arise.
  5. Being available to help you with other real estate needs.
    • Our company also provides licensed appraisal services.
    • We are licensed to assit you with real estate sales.
    • We can help you locate and purchase investment property.
  6. As an additional service we offer before placing a property on the market, our team can perform a thorough evaluation of the property to create an accurate appraisal of its value. We perform the appraisals using the guidelines from the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and the Code of Professional Ethics of the Appraisal Institute. Our team utilizes their extensive knowledge of the real estate market to help our clients buy and sell commercial and residential properties.

Presently our company manages numerous multi-unit buildings and our team is experienced in managing 4-16 unit properties. Our “square deal” approach contract, and thorough tenant screening simplifies our management approach, lowering costs to the client, while ensuring steady returns. Among our successes in the past few years have been halving our average vacancy and increasing average tenancy substantially. As with any investment expense management become a factor. With our company, all contract estimates are handled by our experienced Property Managers, with each unit is reviewed before any work is authorized. We understand that our clients sometimes need income from their units to pay bills and are frequently able to negotiate structured payouts for work orders and offer various solutions to handle incidental and or day to day expenses.

If you are looking for a team that knows the market, is realistic in expectations, will take care to ensure that your investment is well kept and make returns Greenbrier is the company you are looking for.

Owner Portal

Click the link below to log in to your Owner Portal and view your statements. Get access to concise statements covering the performance of your property for the previous month. All data on your property is stored in a state-of-the-art data center, and you have 24/7 access to this information. This means you can stay connected from anywhere with an internet connection.