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Greenbrier Real Estate and Appraisals offers cutting edge technological solutions to leasing and managing your investment property. With over 30 years of experience our team has the time and know how invested to provide professional and competent management for the leasing process.

Our leasing process is simple.

We price and market your property with an approach tailored to the strengths of your property through a powerful network of over 20 websites, facebook, and we offer cutting edge services such as virtual showings electronic applications and leases. Our flexible schedule is designed to maximize the coverage of your property to attract qualified applicants.

Rental applications are processed with a internationally recognized credit bureau and include:
-Retail credit report
-Criminal background check
-Tenant performance reports
-Employment/income verification
-We obtain previous rental history from landlord verification

Once leased our ongoing services are designed to mitigate headaches through responsive maintenance and flexible inspections and to maximize our clients returns by offering full service management. This service management features:
-Electronic work orders
-“push of button” marketing distributing to over 20 websites with leads electronically tracked and generated for powerful property based analytics.
-Data is kept in triplicate for easy access to records

We offer an easy to use owner portal that allows our clients to access their online accounts, download invoice receipts for your taxes, annual 1099 preparation and we offer prompt client services with a dedicated account specialist available in office or phone and email.


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When can I expect to be paid from the rent proceeds?
We do not hold any rent payments; as soon as funds are available we send you the payment. Greenbrier offers two standard payment dates, the 8th of each month and the 30th of each month. Statements are made available on each of these dates.

New Owner Questions

Do you charge the tenant a security deposit, and who keeps the deposit?
Our standard policy is to collect a security deposit for all properties we manage. Our policy is that the security deposit is typically one month’s rent, and by Virginia Law we must keep the security deposit in a federally insured Escrow Account until the tenant is moved out and the disposition has been completed.

What is your pet policy?
Pets are not allowed without your permission. Pet policies are tailored on a property by property basis. Typically we recommend accommodating pets as over 50% of all tenant households have pets. Pets are priced on a sliding scale controlling for size, number, and weight. Pet residency is governed under our pet clause.

Any damage above and beyond the deposit remains the tenant’s responsibility.

Maintenance Questions

Can I do my own repairs on my rental properties?
Yes. Our lease stipulates that owners must have notice served through our company at least 24 hours in advanced. We strongly encourage our clients to rely on third parties to avoid principal agent problems and any potential problems.

How do I know when maintenance is needed at my property?
You will be copied on the work order going to the vendor for the maintenance request, you don’t need to do anything. We offer flexible account options to clients for pre-authorization and also estimate services.

What about an emergency repair, how is that handled?
Emergencies are running water, physical damage to the property. In the event there is either physical damage/ running water we will send our vendor to make necessary repairs and stabilize the situation. Example Hot water heater in Attic burst, We send a contractor over right away to turn off the water, suck up water, dry out carpet padding, and drain hot water heater. Emergencies are treated in such a fashion that the problem posing direct risk to the property is addressed and follow up work like drywall is arranged through a contractor to complete in the following days.
And after hour number is provided to our tenants and we offer tenant portal that generates an email to our property managers overnight.

Non Payment and Evictions

My tenant have not paid rent what do I do?
Don’t worry. This is our job. If the rent is later than the close of business on the 6th of the month a 5 day pay or quit notice is issued. After the 5 day pay or quit notice time has elapsed Greenbrier will file an Unlawful detainer (antecedent action to an eviction) and place the tenant in the collection/default process.

My tenant was evicted, when do I get the security deposit?
Unless otherwise stated in the lease Greenbrier Real Estate releases deposits to be applied to outstanding charges 45 days after move out.

I received judgement, how soon until the tenants will be evicted?
The Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant handbook states if the tenants show up in court the judge has to give the tenants 10 days, before we can file the writ of possession. After this period of time has expired a write of eviction is filed with the local court after which the sheriffs office will contact Greenbrier to schedule an eviction. From receipt of judgement to eviction this process can take 20-40 days.