At Greenbrier Real Estate & Appraisals, we offer our clients a full range of services including sales.

Our staff is professional and timely, and we work with both buyers and sellers to make the purchase and sale of property easy, quick, clean and effective.


As a family owned and operated business, we understand how important the role of finding exactly what you need for the future is. Our staff specializes in finding stable and prudent choices, and we pride ourselves in being uniquely adapted to helping you find the perfect home without overpaying. Our philosophy is for our clients, both buyers and sellers, to never overpay, and to find you the best deal in the market. Our company and sales agents are lean, energetic and realistic. If you are looking to purchase or sell, please feel free to call our office. David or Tom will be happy to help you in your search to buy or sell.


We offer a full suite of services including growth projections, rental assessments, effective data collection and interpretation. We work to protect your money, grow your investments and identify what you as in investor need to help grow your portfolio. Connected closely with our Rentals Department, we offer a unique opportunity to our clients, in that we can both help you identify your next asset, purchase your investment, and then offer you rental management. From contract to closing, and closing to peace of mind, our company is here to take care of your investments.